Press Release - March 2013


Matesa Tekstil has recently purchased components to modify their Morrison Denim Finishing Range. Wash Boxes and Skying were added, along with drive controls. Their new high efficiency SLE HED Wash Box incorporates elevated horizontal angular deflectors which deflect circulated high energy water onto the fabric at multiple internal passes. This modification will expand process flexibility (Over Dye and Flat Finish/Mercerizing) for their rope dyed denim fabrics. Matesa has also purchased the MDS 550 Long Chain ReBeamer which features AC Drive and Controls, Beam Doffing, Yarn Sheet Strummer and elevated Reverse Drive Yarn Accumulator.

DNM Textile added another Morrison MDS 550 Long Chain Beamer.

India and Thailand

ETCO Denim Pvt. Ltd. and Atlantic Mills (Thailand) Ltdhave purchased Morrison Denim Finishing Ranges. Each range includes; S8 Compressive Shrinking Units with automatic rubber belt compression control, GrindVAC™ to capture belt by-product when dressing the rubber belt and SanforTROL™ for closed loop shrinkage control system.

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