Press Release - October 2012


Morrison has shipped a second Compressive Shrinking Range to Guangdong Shunde Qianjin Jeans. Shunde Qianjin’s first Morrison denim shrinking range was installed in 2004.


Sanko Tekstil Isletmeleri is installing two (2) additional Morrison Compressive Shrinking Ranges to match growing production demands. Each range is provided with S8 Compressive Shrinking Units and includes AutoGRINDâ„¢ which records current belt thickness and meters produced since last grind cycle. Operators are alerted at preset sequences to activate the automatic (2 hour) grind cycle. Belt resurfacing by products and talc are captured by vacuum (GrindVAC) which reduces down time and improves the working environment.

GAP Guneydogu Tekstil has recently completed modification of their Morrison Indigo Rope Dye Range. Wash and Dye boxes were added, along with an AC Range Drive. These upgrades enhance process flexibility, allow deeper dye shades and improved yarn tension control.  Gap has also purchased the MDS 450 Ball Warper which features programmable high speed Servo Driven Linear Traverse which allows rope traverse speed and distance to be preprogrammed. Smart Lease™, Smart Stop™ and Run Time Maintenance Monitors are unique to Morrison’s Ball Warpers


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