Press Release - May 10, 2010

Recent Morrison Sales

Morrison Textile Machinery (USA) has enjoyed significant sales success with it ’s recently introduced MDS-450 Ball Warper and MDS-550 ReBeamer. Morrison’s Ball Warper includes several unique and innovative design features and their ReBeamer is a proven design which provides superior rope yarn opening.

Morrison has sold their new Ball Warpers to the following customers: Mou Fung Ltd.-China, Chonbang Company Ltd-South Korea, Envoy Textiles Ltd.-Bangladesh, Orta Anadolu Ticaret and DNM Textiles in Turkey.

Customer orders for ReBeamers include; Chonbang Company Limited, Envoy Textile Ltd., Orta Anadolu Ticaret and DNM.

Morrison’s Spectrum™ Indigo Rope Dye Ranges are used by leading indigo dyes world wide and offer state-of-the art process control, deepest shades and highest possible production speeds. Morrison’s experience is unequaled with over 300 Indigo Dye and Finishing Range installations.

Three (3) Morrison Spectrum Indigo Rope Dye Ranges have been sold to Yixing Lucky in China and DNM Textiles.

Morrison Denim Systems offer a single source of supply for service and technology for Indigo Rope Dyeing and Denim Finishing.


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