Press Release - August 20, 2013


ISKO/SANKO Tekstil purchased Morrison’s Indigo Rope Dye Range which features the newly designed SPECTRUM™ Dye Box and Mvx Nip assembly with central point dye feed, tri return dye circulation, and composite side covers. This recent purchase is the seventeenth (17th) dyeing /finishing range purchased from Morrison by ISKO/SANKO since beginning denim production in 1990.

GAP Guneydogu Tekstil purchased Morrison’s S8 Rubber Belt Shrinking Unit for installation into an existing Morrison denim finishing range. This unit features GrindVAC and AutoGRIND™ (automation belt grinding system) which increases production and improves shrinkage consistency.


Tai Yuen Textile purchased Morrison’s Compressive Shrinking Range. Range includes; S8 Compressive Shrinking Units with automatic rubber belt compression control, GrindVAC™ to capture belt by-product when dressing the rubber belt and Morrison On Call (M.O.C.) which is a smart Web-Base remote access method which allows Morrison engineers single-click diagnostic access to customers machines worldwide.


Shaoguan Shunchang Weaving purchased their second Morrison Compressive Shrinking Range which includes automatic rubber belt compression control. Shaoguan has also purchased an SF Rubber Belt Shrinking Unit.

Sumec International purchased a Morrison SF Rubber Belt Shrinking Unit.


Partex Denim Limited added two (2) MDS 550 Long Chain Beamers which feature AC Drive and Control, Beam Doffing, Yarn Sheet Strummer and Reverse Drive Yarn Accumulator.

Ha Meem Denim Limited an established denim and garment producer has purchased Morrison’s S250 Indigo Rope Dye Range for added dyeing capacity. This range will include the newly designed Spectrum Dye Box and Mvx Nip, latest FCS Process Controls and Morrison On Call (M.O.C) which allows Morrison engineers single-click diagnostic access to customers machines worldwide. This order represents the third Morrison dyeing/finishing purchased by Ha Meen which began producing denim in 2005.


Highland Industries, Inc. has purchased Morrison WF 280 Knife Over /Roll Coater for their production facility in Kernersville, NC.

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