Full uptime and repeatable product results demand robust machine drive and process control. Count on Morrison for today’s best hardware and industry leading software. We back this up with top technical response. Result: NoRisk™, Profits, and peace of mind.
MNT - Non-Woven & Technical
Coating & Application
Custom Pads
Plasma - Future
Cylinder Drying
Dry Cans
High Speed Drying Cylinders

Whether your system is a modest standalone PLC or a fullspec PC-DCS Enterprise-reporting arrangement, Morrison gives you an easy to operate interface and attention to detail. MOC permits remote access for technical service.
  • Recipe Management
  • Speeds
  • Temperatures
  • Pressures
  • Mass (Flow or Volumetric)
  • Moisture
  • Dye/Chemical Feeds
  • PH/ORP
  • Circulation Flow
  • Utilities Consumption
  • Maintenance Intervals
  • Alarms/Faults
  • Fabric Shrinkage (SanforTROL™)

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